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Hey hey y’all….

So…i’ve just had about a week’s worth of drum corps rehearsals and whatnot, and so far it’s been awesome! Daily rehearsals started on the 11th, and since then we’ve been hammering away at our show. We have 3 of the 5 movements on the field so far, which at first glance seems a bit discouraging, but i think er’ythang’s gonna be ahight. We’ve had two competitions so far, one in Concord and then our home show in Modesto. Placed 3rd in Concord, and 2nd in Modesto. Man…props to all the other corps yo…it’s been a totally different experience for me to be in that environment….seeing how each corps carry themselves is awesome…you witness so many traditions!

I’m really enjoying my experience thus far. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: it’s tough being a rookie…and the drum major at the same time. But, the corps is so awesome about always helping me out yo…I try to give them as much as I can up there on that podium, when we load/unload, when we rehearse, when we perform…all the time…and they always make it a point to pick me up…and that’s awesome.

Performances? Let me tell you….unlike anything I’ve ever done in a performance situation. When my shako is sunk down low, and i’m marching in front of the corps…and when i’m asked if my corps is ready….i’m like “SHOOOOOO’NUFF!!!!” (on the inside, or course…hehe!). Man…it’s awesome! I’ve gotten a lot of compliments about my conducting and stuff…which is cool…I’m still learning a lot about it (and how much it HURTS!!!!). I just try to keep it real….and give the energy that’s needed to mah peoples! I just love the activity…and I love Fever….

Let’s see…what else….OH! Mike and I are staying with Blake, his mother, and his younger brother. Blake’s mom does waaaaaay to much for us yo…these nice dinners, laundry, and all this extra stuff that she shouldn’t be doing! She won’t let down though! Mike and I are thankful for hospitality of the Underwood family! Gettin’ to know Blake more and more…which is cooh. He’s good peoples

So right now i’m home in Fresno for the night, since we got the day off. Headed back up to Mo-Town tomorrow morning to get back at the rehearsals. Sold some Fever decals whilst I was here (since i couldn’t be at the fundraising effort today). Dan made dinner for us tonight and it was AWESOME (thanks so much bro..and thanks for coming to the show in Concord!). Jeff’s in Pismo with some of the College Group folks (they took some of the incoming Freshmen out for a 4-day trip to Pismo…tight huh?!)…would’ve really liked to see him…i miss him a whole lot…but it’s all good! I’ll see him at a show. It’s just nice to be home for a bit….cuz pretty soon, i’ll be gone for a good while.

Welp, I better get going…i’ve so much more to say, but it’ll just take forever…hahaha! I hope all’s well with you! I’ll have internet access for the next couple of weeks….so holla at a brotha ahight? WORD!!

….drink red kool-aid….


P.S. Props to Jason Fritts and Cletus (Santa Clara Vanguard), Jeff LaRose (Blue Devils), Ted Sands (Vanguard Cadets) and Chris Yi (The Academy) on being awesome in your respective corps yo!!

  1. Love you Marcus! =) I’m so glad you’re a part of FEVER this year! I like your humbleness. Well, I’m sure you wont read this till who knows when, but just want to let you know that you contunue inspiring and encouraging everyone. THANX Lots! Ok well, I’ll see you in a bit!

  2. amstrak01 says:

    sounds like you’re having a great time!  i wish i could see the shows.  i should go visit family in turlock.  and whoever jeff is, he’s got some nice weather here.   the coast has been lovely.  keep up the amazing work.  be a light to those around youwoo! 17 days til DM clinics in IL!!

  3. hey marcus! sounds like youre having a productive summer so far! have a great rest of the summer and see you when school starts!!

  4. hey marcus this is morgan i am glad that i found your site i am glad that you are having fun. i hope to see you soon and go kick so butt at you next comp and and don’t forget to have fun. See you in August. Morgan

  5. Chuckchuckb1 says:

    marcus, your show is sooooo cool, to bad bd B beat you guys, it was nice to see you and all the other fever guys last “knight” cya later

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