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Hey hey y’all…

So I haven’t written in here for a little while. If you’ve been keepin’ up, I’ve been gone for about a month touring with Fever, which has been pretty tight. Just got back a couple hours ago from the mini-tour of the Northwest (1 show in Oregon and 2 in Washington). Thus far we’re doing ahight…we’ve been placing 3rd a lot, but are steadily catching up to the other corps that have been placing above us. It’s just been awesome playing in different venues (man….Husky Stadium in Seattle….TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!! )

Some of the highlights of the mini tour have been:
-getting to know the corps more
-again, the venues, and the excitement of performing
-seeing phantom regiment…again….again…and again!
-meeting other drum majors form other corps
-some funny moments on the bus
-so much more…but i’m pretty tired right now….can’t remember much at the moment!

Though I’ve been enjoying my experience and learning quite a bit…i can’t help but to be homesick. These past couple of days have been really hard for me…i’ve never been away from my family or my friends for this long before. I have pictures with me to look at, i’ve saved voicemails on my phone JUST so i could hear the voices of my parents or my roommates, i’ve got text messages to look at every once in a while, and i often reflect on certain memories with some of those people. But man…my heart grows so heavy sometimes, because I really miss home…a lot…

And actually, I wanted to take this time to thank all of my friends from home who’ve come to watch me perform with Fever…it means the world to me that you’re there supporting me! It brings the hugest smile to my heart to hear you scream my name after i salute the audience…though i can’t respond during the performance, I thank the Lord for bringing you there. And for those of you who aren’t able to make it, PLEASE don’t feel bad! I know that you all lead busy lives, and want so badly to be there! The truth is, you always are…because during every single performance, I dedicate it to all of you, and lift it up to the glory of Jesus.

To my Fever folks, thanks so much for always reminding me that I am indeed important to this corps. You all make me smile every single day…and though I’m missing my folks at home, I am so very glad that I am developing relationships with you. I am the luckiest drum major in this activity….

Welp, I should get going…i’m pretty tired! We’ve rehearsal all week, and have to prepare for our performances in Sunnyvale and Sacramento this Saturday and Sunday. Then more rehearsal…and then, off to Boston! I sincerely hope all is well with you! Take care, and have a blessed day…


P.S. Just a quick holla to Jeff and Dan – I hope and pray that God does some awesome things for y’all as you head to El Salvador for the missions trip! I love the both of you very much….

  1. I love you Marcus so much! REally… You are an innate multitalented person. We are so going to kick some butt this tour. Keep doing all your doing and thank you for being such an inspirational person. You’re amazing. See you tomorrow for another rehearsal. Woohoo!
    ~ Mari

  2. crisp_potato says:

    So I hear you’ll be in Sacramento soon?  Let me know when and where…I’ll be there. 

  3. amstrak01 says:

    It’s good to hear you’re enjoying it and I’m sorry you’re missin’ home so much.  I had the pleasure of seeing a DCI show in Charleston, IL while i was there for a Drum Major clinic.  We watched the Cavaliers rehearse and met their Drum Major.  The DCI show included The Magic, Pioneer, Colts, Cavaliers and Madison Scouts. wow!!!!!  The caliber of the corps went up as the show went on.  The Cavies have GREAT drill and awesome music and it was soooo cool to watch them.  Madison Scouts had pretty good drill, but man they blew your face off with their music and it was crazy!!  The Cavies won just over the Scouts.  That was my first drum corp experience.   We were such nerds after that show that we watched Scout DVDs on a laptop the next night after our long day of drill and rehearsals.  Can’t get too much more band nerdish.   Have fun traveling though I can imagine that the next time you check this will be when you’re all done.  Good Luck!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    hey Marcoso,same to you.thank you so much for everything you did for us this summer.i wish you continuing success in your life.peace-me

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