Posted: July 23, 2005 in Uncategorized

Welp, this is it….leaving for tour tomorrow morning!  I’m
extremely excited, and am thrilled to able to do this!  I hope
that you all enjoy the remainder of your summer, and that all goes well
yo!  If you wanna keep up with how Fever’s doin’, go to, and follow up!  All the competitions
are in order by date, so check it out! 

I love all of you very much!  I come back and head straight into
Bullard’s band camp.  Bullard folks, prepare for HUGE changes this
year!  For the BETTER!!  YAYUH!

….drink red kool-aid….

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah you kids better prepare for them huge changes…. staff’s gonna kill ya. 😉

  2. KevinSop85 says:

    heres a holla and a few dollas

  3. Changes?  Why do we need changes, shoot….jk.  I wanna give a holla out to my main man Marcus Zelous (I hope I spelled that right, dont kill me if I didn’t plz).  How goes it man,  goin on tour eh?  That should be fun eh? Well I am trying to enjoy the Summer besides Summer School and all but I’ll manage.  I know our changes will be for the better Marcus and I want you to know that I am with you Brother, the whole way (so is that crazy little mexican friends o’ mine, who happens to play in the PIT).  I hope the Freshman will be able to cope with all the brutal changes. LOL.  I know like all of them who are coming.  Well almost all of them.  I know a couple Flutes, a Sax, and a few Trumpets.  I was thinking about Marching trumpet this year but then that would leave Casey to fend for herself so………I think I’ll play Trumpet for Concert Band or something.  Well Marcus my man, I hope the Summer heat’s not gettin to your head (as it is mine, I swore I saw something impossible the other day), and I hope you have a good rest of the summer (enjoy it while you can man!).  And I’ll Fo’ Sho’ see you at band camp.  See ya there Holmes!
    Brett Przy-~-~-~a

  4. MerchGirl says:

    Oh yeah there is going to be changes. WhoooHaaaa!!!Has a cheerleader ever been in band before?! Ohmygawddrink red kool aid. HA! its in an iv in my armjessicagrace

  5. i am so ready for changes and i am glad that there are well i hope that your comps go well and represent so them what fresno is mad of. hope to see you soon.

  6. Hey Marcus, have you seen that one scripture in the Bible that goes like this “For he who hath no hair is bald……”, I thinks its in Exodus or Leviticus or somewhere in between, I’ll have to get back to you on that one.  I’m on a Sugar Overdose from Red Kool-Aid, YEEHAW!  Later you Cuh-Razy (and Angry) Black Man No. 1!

  7. Anonymous says:

    hey. You probably dont remember this, but you posted on my xanga site like 2 years ago. I’m just really bored right now and decided to go through all my old xanga posts and figured..why not write to everyone who has posted to me? lol. I know it’s really random..but what the heck..who cares. This just goes to show how exciting my friday nights are. hahaha.
    peace and God bless!

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