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Hey hey er’body

Good to be back home from tour (a little thinner, and much darker…DARKER! HOORAY!! ). I’ve actually been back since Monday (had to be back for Bullard’s band camp). The remainder of the corps got back on Thursday evening…glad they all made it home safely…

So, i guess you’re expecting a post on how my summer was…well…I GUESS i’ll share with you…hehe! This summer was an awesome learning experience for me. Touring the country was AMAZING…I saw some of the most beautiful sights as we traveled from place to place. Large, green fields, awesome houses, BEAUTIFUL rivers/lakes, cool buildings, INCREDIBLE thunderstorms!! DANG those were tight yo…you just don’t see those here anymore….so it was just cooh to actually be in one…w/a tornado warning for that matter…haha! For the most part, we stayed in very small towns (very few black folks…hehehe), and slept on the gym floors of their schools. Quite the humbling experience! Lots of rehearsing, loading/unloading, rehearsing, cold showers, rehearsing, traveling, rehearsing…and competing! We had a couple free days too…I went to New York City (saw Ground Zero…man that was a sight to see…Times Square, Trinity Church, Wall Street), and Boston (Fenway Park, lots of churches)…those were definitely fun times!

The competitive aspect of the summer was pretty fun. Being able to conduct a group at such a great calibur was definitely a highlight for me. We received a medal at every show, and even received a gold at one of the competition. We ended our season placing 4th in finals, and 5th in grand finals. Not too shabby! Meeting people from other corps has been pretty cooh too! I’d like to holla at Rachel and Vaughn (DM’s for the Blue Stars), the RAIDERS (YAYUH), Robert (DM for Taipei Yuefu), Ted (DM for SCVC/fellow USA instructor), Stuart (DM for SCV), Jon (DM for BD), Will (DM for Phantom Regiment) and ER’BODY else who i had the pleasure of meeting from other corps! It was awesome meeting you!

I had a great time bonding with the corps over the course of the summer. I was greatly inspired by how seriously they took this activity. We certainly had our down times, just like any group has…but we broke through. I enjoyed all the laughs and the high-energy rehearsals/performances. I’ve so many memories that I’ll ALWAYS keep with me. Especially Fever’s last rehearsal, and the corps age-out ceremony. I wanna thank ALL of you for making me feel so important. I hope I served you well as your leader…you all are incredible…

God stretched me in so many ways this summer. There were so many times where I had wanted to give up, not be energetic, and other things too….but He really opened me up to a greater sense of positivity. I kept active in the Word quite often, taking frequent dips into the well of the Lord Jesus. He strengthened me…and used His love and His mercy to sustain me every single day…i couldn’t have made it through the summer without Him!! Father, thank you so much for changing my heart…and for using my experience this summer to teach me more about how to reach out to others, and to encourage them.

On another level, I feel that God used this experience away from home to remind me of how much I truly love my friends and family. There were days where I wanted to be here at home with my friends, because I missed them so much! And my church! AGH! Not having people like Jeff, Dan, Eve, Luke, Sarah, Cesar, Josh, or Shelley around was a little difficult for me. God showed me how my fellowship with these people and all of my friends here at home is so important to me. I wanna say to all of you that I love you, and I wanna thank you for the phone calls, the text messages, and even appearances at my shows! You really brightened my heart every single time I got the chance to talk to/text you…thank you so much….

Anyway…this is getting long, and I’m becoming scatter-brained! SO much to say! But yeah…i had a great time this summer…Fever is awesome…and it was a pleasure to have been a part of the 2005 season…i love you guys…thanks for the memories…

…drink red kool-aid… (or, watered down gatorade, as i had this summer…hahaha!)


  1. …watered down gaterade….all the way!

  2. petitay says:

    Thank YOU for this summer.. it wouldn’t have been the same without you. I don’t know how many rehearsals we had when I would just look up at you and get a sudden strength in me that helped me push through the rest of the block. And during shows, you were our light in the storm.. a tare in the music didn’t phase us, you were always there to bring us back and hold us together. And most importantly, the emotion you put into your conducting.. watching you conduct the ballad, and every time feeling it wrench my heart.. I could barely play at finals because I was crying right with you.Thank you so much Marcus.. you made this summer amazing. I don’t know how I’ll return to Fever w/o having you on the podium, but I suppose life moves on.❤ Kathy

  3. sounds like loads of fun!!! im so pumped for marching season…this year is going to be great!!!
    ❤ rachel

  4. joedrummer77 says:

    MARCUS!!! I love you man. I was amazing to be wth you all summer, you are the greatest guy ever. Thanks for staying strong for the corps, you carried us through to the end of the season. Hope you enjoy yourself this coming year. Take care of yourself, cya around,
    YAY for watered down gatorade! lol.

  5. well i am glad that you had a great summer and i hope that bullard brings you that same joy

  6. Watered down Gatorade rocked my socks! As long as it was cold… I was good. Hey, Marcus I just would like to add that you are an AMAZING human being. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone so wise, intelligent, strong (both physically and mentally), touching, funny, creative, hot, positive, humble, unique, and everything in the beautiful vocabulary… I can’t think right now. You made a difference in my life as well as in so many other people; I’m sure. I feel so honored to have had the chance to be instructed by you. FEVER would not have been the same with out you. I don’t know what we would have done with out you. I really don’t know what our next drum major is going to do. He/she is going to have to work really hard to fill in your shoes. You are the best drum major I know. I’m sure you’ll be an incredible band directors. Thank you so very much! Hope you continue hollaring please. I will as long as you will. I miss you already. Thanks for being the greatest role model. In my heart you are a true blessing. Wish you the best of luck in whatever projects you are set out to do. I’m sure you will shine like a star everywhere you go. In FEVER you were our sun (which is the biggest star in our galaxy) =) Hope that star never stops shining. Love you with all my heart. THANKS for being the person that you are. Take care. Talk lates at the banquet!

  7. It’s awesome that you enjoyed the season with Fever. I really wanted to be out there sometimes, but I knew I couldn’t. I just had other things in store, but it still went very well. It was so much fun though. I’ll definatly say that I remember all the thunderstorms and humdity. It was also fun just getting to travel with everyone. It’s awesome though that you decided to spend your age0out year with FEVER.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hey, Markus
      I am glad you had a great summer and keepin’ up the faith!  May Father God just continue to bless you.  Lots of love & care 4 ya.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey Marcus…I found on on Xanga too…so tag you’re it. Well see ya later dude.
    Love ya,

  10. Anonymous says:

    this summer was pretty nutty eh man? i dont know what i woulda done without you there.and yeah, the last rehearsal was crazy, that was probably one of the worst shows musically because my eyes were blurry the whole time, especially the first move, the end of the closer, and the trasition from the ballad. craaazy. love you man. seeya around school for sure–levi

  11. fevrsop0306 says:

    i miss you marcus!!!!!!  i hope that everything is going well for you.  school just started for me and i am already freaking out!  i cannot wait until the banquet so i can see you!!!!  take care!!!!  love ya lots!!!

  12. christuba says:

    A whole summer with Anthony?  I noticed Anthony is still alive and kicking so the lord must have granted you patience as well.  Glad it went well. Don’t let Charlie go too crazy without me there!

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