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Yo yo yiggity yo!!

So, as promised, I am indeed writing an entry. Kinda scary huh? Xanga is becoming somewhat obselete…people seem to be using other networking type deals now…but xanga is one of the OG’s of online procrastination (as in…it prevents us from doing REAL productive things…haha!). ANYWAYS…here be is that update i shoulda coulda woulda be talkin’ ’bout…

School’s been pretty good. I’ve a busy semester, but it’s not as bad. I think the hardest part is all the pressure of the playing ensembles, in all honesty. I’ve a lot of responsibility in each of those ensembles yo…more so than ever before! So…i’m really wanting to grow in my sax playing…cuz uh…i don’t wanna make these groups sound bad!! I have my senior recital next semester…Jeff and I are actually doin’ a joint senior recital, which for me, is the best part! I’m glad that he suggested it! So i’ll keep you posted on that to let you know when the date is…right now it’s tentatively scheduled for April 1, 2006. I’ll holla back …so yeah…all be is good at school…

The Bullard band is doin’ perdy good. VERY talented kids…loads of fun. Being able to utilize a lot of what i’ve learned from this summer has been very cool. These kids though…LOADS of potential! They just have to make the decision to be good…and once that happens, all should be swell! What’s crazy is this: this is my FOURTH year teaching here man…the seniors i have now were freshmen when i started! I’m getting OLD! But i love my job…plus…i get matt carroll as my boss!!! And the whole staff is GREAT…lovin’ it therre yo!! Just a couple things about the Bullard organization: we’ve had a couple of parents who’ve been hit with some health issues. One parent was been in the hospital w/cancer – they found a tumor the size of a soccer ball in her stomach! We’ve also had a parent who’s had massive chest pains and was admitted to the hospital. So…if y’all could lift those things up in prayer, that’d be awesome! Our parent support is always awesome at this school…

Church…man…has been great! Fellowship at the Rock has been great…I won’t be able to be there as much now that Friday Night football games for Bullard are gonna be goin on. But yeah, more and more new people have been coming! It’s been awesome meeting all of them and getting to know these here folks. Small group has been just an awesome blessing…i love my group! Totally in love with Jesus, and i always leave the small group meeting encouraged. And oh yeah! I got baptized last sunday! That was truly amazing! So all is going well in that part of my life!

Lately, I’ve just been feeling the tug of Christ longing for me. So often i get caught up in the busyness of life…i’m SO busy, but i forget to acknowledge Him in everything that i do. God’s really pressed upon my heart a couple things: 1) i need to be in the word so much more…& 2) I need to start fulfilling what God has in store for me…being a man of God, and bearing the fruits of the Holy Spirit. So…if you guys could pray for that, that’d be off the hook!! Thanks yo!

Anyways…i’ve gotta get goin’…i hope that er’body’s doin’ well! To my Fever folks, I MISS YOU ALL!!! Take care er’body!! God Bless ya!

….drink red kool-aid….



  1. aw man! i was at bullards game last night…were u ther? i coulda seen u…my heart hurts now

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey markus,
    cool that u said somethign about the band thats awsome we love u!! u seriously make it worth more wild to go on that wet field every time and just to see what next you’ll say or teach. even ur more band ur a great inspriation to me and to be the best divia i can be!! i dont know where this band and guard would be without u!! keep up with the awsome work!!
    ur sophmore divia

  3. Halvey says:

    Holla holla! (Big balla? I don’t even know what that means.)

  4. HOLLA!! o man….this year is going to be great marcus!! its great to have your motivation, we were missin ya at the game on thursday! see you at the luau!
    ❤ rachel!

  5. Horn_dawg58 says:

    HOLLA! Marcus your the best man, im glad i started off at bullard with you and mr. carrol and all of the cool staff he has workin with us.

  6. KevinSop85 says:

    HOLLA!!! I gotta get off this machine…but anyways. Hope everythings going great for ya’. Oh, do you still have my Coltrane Cd’s from tour? If you do, it would ultra mega super cool if you could bring them to the Banquet. Today I think I will make some Koo-Laid…and it will prolly be RED! Woot

  7. HOLLA! Miss you so much Marcus. I see that you have been inspiring more people. That’s nice to hear. Are you going to the MIV show? I’ll be there anycow. I’m just looking forward to the banquet so I can see all my family again. Just thought I will holla back! Hope to see you soon! Keep doing all the great things you are doing. You’ll continue on succeeding for as long as you are in this world!

  8. Anonymous says:

    HA! i TOLD u i’d find ur xanga!!!!! ok yea well BOO…. thanx fer mentionin the band i feel luved! *touched* lol u make it way kewler than it actually is. lol.
    ~*/*~drink red cool aid~**~

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