Waiting on God…

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Life

Read this segment from Britt Merrick’s book, Big God (p 137), tonight:

Waiting on God never means paralysis…when we wait on God, we are to be engaged with God…

Our faith is to be active, not passive.  That means we’re to study the Word of God – and seek the God of the Word.  We’re to be thoroughly engaged, worshiping, praying, asking and seeking.  We’ll find Jesus when we do these things.  When our prayer life increases and our Bible study increases and our worship life increases, we discover that it’s all about Jesus in the final analysis.  So everything else becomes peripheral and it gets easier to wait because we’re already working towards the goal, which is knowing Him!  Knowing and loving Jesus Christ is the goal of our existence.  And when He has us in a posture of waiting, if we refuse to be passive and seek and ask and press in through prayer and worship, we will find Him.  And in that moment, the soul is settled.  Abraham had to wait 25 years, but in the final analysis the Bible says that he was a friend of God.  The totality of his life was not summarized by the fact that he waited, but by the fact that he was a friend of the living God.  That’s what life is about.



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