Hi. I’m New!

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

How often is it that you meet new people?

It’s a weekly occurrence for me – especially on the weekends at SVCC.  We get new kids just about every week, and it can be extremely intimidating for a kid to come into an already-established environment.

I like to be a part of the welcoming process when people come.  It’s always great to see the kids, see how their week’s been, hear what level they’ve accomplished on the latest video game, or meet their furry friend they’ve brought with them.  There’s also the fun of meeting new families.  A lot of the times, the kids are pretty shy when they come to church with us for the first time.  I’ve found myself following a pattern whenever a new friend visits us:

1)  Learn their name.  Try to say their name at least 3 times within the first minute of your conversation with them.  This helps to commit their name to memory.  When they come to service the next week, or if you run into them in the grocery store – and remember their name – the response is usually a good one!

2)  Introduce them to other kids.  Find out where they go to school, what grade they’re in, and what they’re hobbies they have.  This is helpful for me, as I try to find other kids who could befriend our guest.  You never know – you could be the catalyst behind a new, great friendship!

3)  Make eye contact with them throughout the service.  Make the connection with them during the service; affirm and acknowledge their presence.  Smiles and eye-contact can really go a long way.

4) Follow up.  I’m really trying to work on this one…but if you acquire their mailing information through your ministry’s registration form, send them a little note to say you enjoyed having them, and that you hope to see them again next weekend!  I remember how cool it was to get something in the mail.  I still do, in fact!  Even now – with all the awesomeness of electronic mail/media – there’s still something about getting a note/card/letter in the mailbox that makes you feel special!….Unless it’s a bill.  I could really do without those.

Think about a time where you felt welcomed by someone, and how you can use this in your new interactions with people.  Be a blessing to those you meet!


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