Easter Recap [and my “secret” to keep me on task]…

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

You could imagine how busy it can get in order to prepare for Easter…especially when you’re involved in ministry!  It was all very much worth it in the end:


Each year, the Lemoore Recration Department puts on an egg hunt for community kids, ages 12 and under.  Last year, SVCC donated 12,000 candy-filled eggs to the event.  This year, we challenged the church to donate 20,000…and boy, did they accept that challenge!  They donated 22,395 candy-filled eggs!  You should’ve seen our office…it was like, the Easter Bunny used our office as its headquarters!  Great job, SVCC!  Way to bless the community!



 On the day of the event (April 7th), thousands of people came to Lions Park to take part in the festivities.  It was so great to see so many familiar faces, and meet new families.  Members of our church helped “hide” eggs, provide eggs for kids who didn’t get much from the hunt, run the prize table, run our church’s popcorn machines, and helped clean after the event.  What a great opportunity to serve our community, and be a reflection of Christ – as best as we can!  Huge thanks to all who sponsored the event – these kids were elated to be there!



Of course, the cuteness factor at the egg hunt was off the charts…especially when these two showed up! (Oren, age 5…and Aurora, age 3).  They even used the Easter baskets I gave them last year! 😀



SVCC hosted a service on Saturday and two on Sunday.  It was really a blessing to celebrate our Risen Lord with so many people!  Over 340 kids joined us in our Children’s Ministry.  The highlight, I would have to say, was seeing 60 elementary-aged kids give their lives to Christ over the weekend!  What a huge praise to God that was to witness.  Thank you Lord, for working in the lives of these kids, and for putting so many wonderful volunteers in place to minister to these kids and their families! 


“We raise our White Flag…we surrender all to you…all for you!”



One final tidbit about how I survived the pre-Easter madness:  A “to-do” list.  I never really did these before (well…document them, anyway), but man…it really helped me to stay on task with what needed to be done (and it also helped me feel a sense of accomplishment!).  I continued to adopt it this week – and it’s been super helpful!  Each day when I come to the office, I sit and think about what needs to be done and type those things onto the list.  When I complete a task, I cross it off.


My personal favorite part of my week was Monday 😉



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